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Global warming is posing a huge threat to human society. Excessive carbon dioxide emissions are the main cause of global warming, which will bring about a series of problems such as melting glaciers, rising sea levels, high temperature and heat waves, and damage to the ecological environment. The global ecosystem will be irreversibly affected. In order to achieve the sustainable development of the earth, we should take the control of carbon dioxide emissions as a global issue, and promoting green and low carbon is the inescapable responsibility of all countries.

Under the guidance of this goal of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, EZCON officially released "EZCON Carbon Neutral Action Planning Outline", which indicates that EZCON is firmly aiming at the dual-carbon goal and moving towards a greener, digital and intelligent development has taken another important step. The outline clarifies EZCON's strategic goals of "carbon peaking in 2027" and "carbon neutrality in 2049", formulating the vision of "green EZCON making a low-carbon world ", indicating that EZCON will be committed to "exploring engineering technology, creating net zero carbon value for global construction and global customers”, continue to lead and drive upstream and downstream enterprises to take a high-quality and sustainable green and low-carbon development path. An important way for construction machinery to achieve "carbon peak" and "carbon neutrality" is the promotion and application of new energy technologies. Focusing on the goal of "dual carbon", EZCON continuously expands the R&D of advanced energy-saving and environmental protection technologies, processes and equipment, and continues to lead the development trend of new energy and electrified products.

In order to let the world see EZCON's active response and change, firmly grasp the development rhythm of "accelerating the green transformation of traditional manufacturing", and promote the global industry with "Intelligent Manufacturing 4.0", EZCON takes Innovation for Green as its theme and released more than 10 new energy products during the 33rd bauma Exhibition in Munich, Germany. The theme also echoes the issues of digitalization and sustainability that bauma is focusing on.EZCON will make full use of the platform of bauma, and actively conduct discussions with various industry partners on the realization of zero-emission goals with an open attitude, so as to jointly explore innovative fields in the construction industry.

Review of EZCON's Green Innovation Road

In recent years, supporting green development with "smart manufacturing" has become one of the important means for the domestic manufacturing industry to accelerate carbon emission reduction. With the development of "innovation-driven & intelligent manufacturing" as the main line, XCMG not only formulated the "Intelligent Manufacturing 4.0" strategy, but also embarked on a new path focusing on the "dual carbon" goal.

In mid-June 2021, EZCON's two industry-leading electric trucks participated in New Zealand's largest construction machinery exhibition. Mr. Michael Wood, Minister of Transport of New Zealand, personally tested the EZCON E700 electric tractor product and spoke highly of it. The E700 electric dump trucks and E300 electric vans exhibited by EZCON were all sold out on the first day of the exhibition. EZCON's new energy products are well received by local experts and customers.

As early as 2018, EZCON electric van E300 has entered the New Zealand market, becoming the first domestic pure electric van to achieve export to high-end overseas markets. In 2019, EZCON's pure electric mining dump truck E700 was exported to New Zealand. This model has domestic leading and mature pure electric vehicle integration technology, transports 600 tons per day and uses only 8% of the battery capacity, which is equivalent to only S$4 per day. The diesel truck operating under the same conditions uses about 90 liters of diesel, which is S$125, which greatly saves the customer's use cost.

EZCON's pure electric vehicles are exported to Oceania in batches and have been recognized by the world's high-end market, which is only one aspect of EZCON's carbon neutrality to create a "green recipe" to achieve low-carbon transformation. In recent years, EZCON has planned the layout in advance, from green design to green procurement, from green manufacturing to green recycling, the concept of "green development" runs through every link of the product life cycle.

In terms of products, in accordance with EZCON's technical quality strategy of "Using leading technology to make EZCON products into durable handicrafts", EZCON actively leads the development of green and environmentally friendly products. In 2009, EZCON took the lead in developing LNG new energy products in the industry. At present, EZCON electrified products have covered 11 categories of products, including cranes, excavators, loaders and other construction machinery and heavy trucks.

At the same time, EZCON accelerated the R&D and upgrading of lithium battery technology, and laid out a new track for new energy vehicle technology and industrial development. Electric forklifts, electric reach stackers, electric excavators, etc. are all leading the new era, and the electric loader control system has also obtained a national invention patent. EZCON makes use of the "first move" of technological innovation to make plans to land in the new energy field and to lead the global trend.

Looking to the future

Technological innovation and internationalization are our two major strategies. In terms of international development, as a listed company, EZCON will continue to invest globally, pay attention to localization, transparency and supervision, and be a qualified member of the international community. In the first half of this year, EZCON's export volume doubled, and we are the undisputed leader in the world's construction machinery industry. We want to build EZCON into a super-excellent world-class enterprise with a history of hundreds of years.

In terms of technological innovation, with the effective control of the global epidemic and the continuous implementation of the "dual carbon" strategic goal, the construction machinery market has begun to develop in a green, intelligent and unmanned direction while it has stopped falling. All enterprises standing in the wave of change need more than ever to see the current situation and future of the industry, and understand user needs and market changes. EZCON has been adhering to the main development line of "innovation-driven & intelligent manufacturing" in recent years, and has established a "product view, intelligent manufacturing view, user view, and ecological view" that keep pace with the times.

It is estimated that by 2035, the penetration rate of EZCON's new energy products will exceed 35%. In the key areas facing the challenge of the "dual carbon" goal, the industrial chain and supply chain are still at an important juncture to move towards the mid-to-high end. How to create net carbon value for global construction and global customers? EZCON is writing the answer with actions.