After Sales Service

400 Customer Service Centers

Our 400 customer service centers are divided into information communication centers, centers to improve customer satisfaction, customer behavior analysis centers, and product marketing centers, which provide you with professional services including service center information, price consultations, technical support, product complaints, repairs and spare parts inquiries, and sales support.

User Experience Day

During the user experience day we take the time to fully introduce new products and carry out practical customer experience activities, help you understand EZCON better, and provide you with private customized construction solutions.

Golden Operator Training Program

We want to contribute to the training of outstanding industry professionals, so we are enthusiastically building an operator training base, sponsor the National Lifting Skills Competition and Concrete Design Competition, and actively promote cooperation with construction companies.

Private Customized Construction Solutions

We have the software and hardware resources as well as the years of construction experience needed to provide you with efficient and highly customized construction solutions. We will happily listen to any of your product design, manufacturing, or service ideas during the consultation process.