About EZCON-Corporate

Since we established our company in 1980, we have been leading this industry and Continuing improvement of quality.

EZCON CORPORATION has specially manufacturer of heavy construction equipment's and special purpose municipal equipment such like arm roll trucks, route pack compactors, town pack compactors, food collection trucks, tanker truck, vacuum lorry, wrecker truck, prisoner van, riot vehicle, armed personnel carrier, hydraulic lifter truck etc. as a manufacturers of heavy construction equipment and environmental equipment. Since we established our company in 1980, we have been leading this industry and continuing improvement of quality. Based on the high quality of the products mentioned above, we now satisfy our customers' needs and provide our best products. Also, in this globalization era, we have been searching overseas market to Japan, China, South East Asian Countries and Middle East Countries. As the result, we set up our branch office and factory named EZCON CORPORATION and started the Business in Hanoi, Vietnam, Currently DK Vina is perfectly settled and makes rapid progress in Vietnam. We will try our best efforts to become a top leader in this environmental equipment field. Thank you for reading our message.

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Our Mission


Starting a business is a heroic thing. Today, EZCON’s products and the EZCON brand are recognized as the definition of High Quality. Facing the great challenge of economic globalization, EZCON and I have deeply felt the arduous historical mission that is on our shoulders. Recognizing the gap between EZCON and the other top enterprises in the world brings us a strong sense of urgency. Our belief is to reshape the equipment manufacturing industry to world-class standards through innovation and technology, and to satisfy our customers’ needs to the fullest extent, as well as to change the global image of “Made in Korea” by offering products and services of the most premium quality. We grow great by dreams. Dreams make our lives worth living. At EZCON, we are living our dreams, one day at a time."

Our Vision


EZCON is a forward-looking company that was born in a time of change and now looks for any opportunity in those changes that will lead the way to the future. We are unleashing the power of data in the connectivity of machines, realizing smart manufacturing and autonomous operation with some models. The efforts to add a new electric product portfolio makes EZCON stand out in today’s digital world and is also part of its sustainable solutions. Now, EZCON diversifies its business as a corporate group by setting foot in new fields like energy, financial insurance, housing, industrial internet, military, fire protection, and environmental protection.